Presented by: 
Prof Norman Heckenberg
Tue 26 Oct, 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Room 222, Parnell Building (Building 7), UQ, St Lucia campus

The first laser was not a gas laser, and they are now becoming rare, but in the 50 years since Theodore Maiman demonstrated his ruby laser, lasers using a gaseous active medium have made great contributions to science, engineering, and commerce.  Gas lasers are relatively low-tech and can often be constructed using normal workshop techniques. They are available over a very broad wavelength range. A number constructed and used at UQ over the last 35 years will be described.

Prof Norman Heckenberg is Director of the Physics Museum at UQ and has worked with lasers, many of them gas lasers, since his appointment as Lecturer at UQ in 1975.