Presented by: 
Max Burnet
Tue 21 Sep, 6:00 pm
Parnell Room 222, UQ

He will start with an overview of computation in Australia from about 100 years ago.

A period of wonderful brass instruments, ready reckoners and mechanical monsters called totalisators. After World War II he will outline the development of Australia's first electronic computers including the famous CSIRAC, Deuce, Silliac, Snocom, WREDAC and CIRRUS. He will cover the levels of Australian content as the industry developed. He will show that in the mainframe era, Australia was a fertile ground for sales by UK, Japan and USA manufacturers. He will outline the mini-computer era, then the explosion in creativity of the Micro era. He will feature Australian products that were unique on the world stage -  Dulmont,  Microbee etc. He will examine how Government policies such as Local Content demands and Offsets polices have influenced the industry. Max will be using pictures mainly from his own collection of artifacts as featured on the ABC's  "The Collectors" show last May. He will finish his history about 1985, when Intel, Microsoft and Moore's law made the history of computing a lot less interesting.

Max Burnet is a legendary collector of obsolete mainframe computer equipment which he makes available to the desperate through his firm Burnet Antique Computer Knowhow Pty Ltd. You can hear an interview at