Presented by: 
Dr Colin Kennard
Tue 20 Apr, 6:00 pm
Parnell Building, room 222, UQ

Colin Kennard is a retired Associate Professor of Chemistry from the University of Queensland (1964-1999), and is a crystallographer. Last year, the ABC re-televised a BBC series by Ehsan Masood on "Science and Islam: A History". This lecture attempts to take the subject into the present dealing with a selected list of Modern Scientists by Wikipedia. The following will be discussed:

  • Ahmed Zewail, Egyptian-born American chemist and a winner of Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1999
  • Abdus Salam, Pakistani theoretical physicist-First Ahmadi Muslim to win Nobel Prize in Physics 1979
  • Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie, 20th century Indonesian aerospace engineer and President
  • Abdul Kalam, Indian nuclear scientist, aeronautical engineer and President
  • Abdul Qadeer Khan, Pakistani nuclear scientist and metallurgical engineer
  • Pervez Hoodbhoy, a Pakistani nuclear physicist