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Our research interests include galaxy evolution, cosmology, dense stellar systems, and fundamental physics. The group is pursuing several long-term observational and theoretical programs designed to answer some of the ‘big questions’ in modern cosmology:

  • How and when do (clusters of) galaxies form?
  • How do changes in environment due to the growth of large-scale structures affect the evolution of galaxies?
  • What can the distribution of galaxies, quasars, and dark matter on the largest scales tell us about the early evolution of the universe?

We are frequently awarded time on major national and international optical and radio telescope facilities, such as the Australian Astronomical Telescope at Siding Sping, Australia Telescope National Facility, Keck Telescope in Hawaii, Hubble Space Telescope, and the the twin eight-metre Gemini telescopes in Chile and Hawaii. Such instruments have revolutionised astrophysics research during the past decade and it is of little wonder that the community refers to this era as a ‘golden age’ of cosmology.

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