Every Wednesday we have a group meeting at noon in the Interaction Room (Room 424, Building 6). Each week an astrogroup member or visiting astrophysicist presents a research talk.

Every week we have the Journal Club, where we discuss papers voted for by the group members via CosmoCoffee. Journal Club takes place in the coffee room on third floor.

You can stay updated by subscribing to the calendars by clicking the "+Google Calendar" icon in the bottom right corner of the calendar.


Tasks of the chair:

  • Bring snacks
  • Set up the projector so it is ready by 11am
  • Notify the speaker that we expect a 20-30min talk, and that you will cut them off if too long
  • Bring the meeting to order, and ask if there is any news for the week.
  • Introduce the speaker (may require preparation)
  • Tell the speaker when they should stop if they are going for too long (e.g. give them a 5 min warning)
  • Moderate the question-asking after the talk, if necessary
  • Conclude the meeting and thank the speaker