Measuring atoms for better navigation and mineral detection

Better navigation systems and tracking of minerals and water may be the result of a new discovery by physicists studying atom measurement devices.

University of Queensland PhD candidate Mr Samuel Nolan said the study investigated how to reduce errors in atom interferometers, devices that provide incredibly precise measurements of different physical quantities such as time, electric and magnetic fields, accelerations and rotations.

Nobel laureate to lead ‘a night in the deep beyond’

When two black holes experience their final death spiral before merging, they emit ripples in the fabric of spacetime itself. Swinburne Astronomy Productions.Gravitational waves, black holes and a possible ninth planet beyond Pluto will be discussed at a free public event at The University of Queensland on November 7.

UQ study shines a light to understand the body’s balance system

Finding out what’s happening in the brains of people with balance disorders, such as vertigo, might be one step closer following new research on the vestibular system, which controls balance and movement.  

Error correcting the things that go wrong at the quantum computing scale

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Detecting the errors in data is one thing, but correction them is still possible at the quantum computing level.
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Queensland Mathematics Summer School

Presented by: 
School of Mathematics and Physics
Mon 15 Jan, 9:00 am
The University of Queensland, St Lucia Campus.

Apply now for the 2018 Queensland Mathematics Summer School!

The Queensland Mathematics Summer School at UQ is a five-day programme for mathematically talented Year 10 students planning to study Year 11 Mathematics B and Mathematics C in 2018.

You will learn about the beauty of advanced mathematical ideas and be exposed to new ways of thinking. More than just a summer camp, QMSS is an exciting opportunity to meet a wide variety of people who share a common love of learning and passion for mathematics.

Practice what you preach, and preach what you practice

Environmental scientists struggle to reduce their carbon footprint. UQ’s Dr Matthew Holden says this provides lessons for all.

We have all been urged to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions for decades, as a way of avoiding runaway climate change.

UQ maths researcher committed to enrichment programs for high school students

Professor Benjamin Burton has recently visited Tehran, Iran, for the 29th International Olympiad in Informatics(IOI) which is the premier competition worldwide for high school students in computer programming and algorithm design, with teams from 80–90 countries competing each year.

Structure of dark matter brought in to the light

Researchers want to know how early life affects the adult brain

The research suggests that humans' experiences early in life may affect their brain activity later. iStockphoto.It’s said to be a “lightbulb” moment – when an idea pops into your head.

Physicists make quantum leap in understanding life's nanoscale machinery

UQ's Mr Nicolas Mauranyapin, Professsor Warwick Bowen and Dr Lars Madsen

A diagnostic technique that can detect tiny molecules signalling the presence of cancer could be on the horizon.