Dr David Carberry


My research interests primarily lie in the development and application of optical micromanipulation techniques to the materials and life sciences. I am interested in the concepts of optically actuated tools and lab-on-a-chip devices. Tools have been assembled from individual components, grown from biotemplates, and constructed using 2-photon photolithography. These tools have been evaluated in terms of their motion, techniques to calibrate them for use as force actuators/sensors have been developed, and they have now been used in a new type of scanning probe microscopy.

Here, I plan to continue using the microtools, developing methods to test and control their hydrodynamic interactions, understand how the local microscopic environment influences multi-component tools, and to find applications within the biosciences and medical sciences areas.

Located in Building 6 - Room 330
Phone: +61 (0)7 336 53413
PhD, BEng, BSc
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Research Interests Optical Tweezers, Micro/Nano-tools, microfluidics