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Emeritus Professor Norman Heckenberg

Emeritus Professor

Professor Heckenberg received his PhD from The University of Sydney in 1972. His chief research projects are in the areas of:

- Laser micromanipulation
- Atom Optics
- Biophotonics
- Scientific Instruments

Professor Heckenberg is director of the UQ Physics Museum.

Located in Building 6 - Room 318
Phone: 53369, 0405685813
BSc Hons(Sydney), PhD(Sydney)
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Research Interests Optical vortices, laser micromanipulation, laser physics, atom optics, biophotonics, and scientific instruments.

Available Projects

Title Body Level
Microrheology with Brownian Motion

Measurement of the Brownian motion of particles moving freely or held in an optical trap can provide information on the viscoelastic properties of the surrounding medium on a microscopic scale. This project aims to use both conventional Brownian motion and also the random rotational motion of...

PhD Project
Microrheology of eye fluids

The ability to exert and measure forces and torques on microscopic objects offers the possibility to measure the rheological properties of tiny samples of fluids. One application with the potential to bring great social benefit is the measurement of the characteristics of natural eye fluids and...

PhD Project