Presented by: 
Professor Omar Foda (Melbourne)
Mon 30 Apr, 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
N201 in Hawken (50)

A current theme in theoretical high energy physics is the study of the equivalence of physics in the presence of gravity in the bulk of a compact manifold (string theory) and in the absence of gravity on the boundary (gauge theory). This string/gauge correspondence has passed every consistency check that it was put to, since it was proposed in 1997, but a rigorous proof remains missing.

The discovery in the early 2000's of classical integrability (nonlinear PDE's that admit soliton solutions and can be solved without approximation) in string theory, and quantum integrability (dynamical systems with infinitely many interacting degrees of freedom whose correlation functions can be exactly computed) in gauge theory, has led to the expectation that integrability is the key to proving the correspondence.

I would like to give one example of the interplay between the above topics.