PhD Project
Honours Project
Dr. Till Weinhold

Hybrid quantum technologies seek to alleviate the short commings of two individual quantum architectures by moving the information between the two systems. Commonly one seeks to exploit the excellent readout and storage capabilities of ionic or atomic qubits and gain the high mobility and ease of transmission of photons.  Efficient interaction of photons with atoms requires a match of the spectral properties to those of the resonances of the atomic species. To develop hybrid quantum technologies requires engineering single photon sources to fulfill this requirement. Parametric down-conversion is to date the most effectively used quasi-single photon source and is amenable to spectral shaping though careful phase matching and the utilization of external cavities.

In this project we will build a miniaturized cavity enhanced parametric down conversion source to provide physical robustness paired with narrow-band emission and tuneability. These features will make it the ideal workhorse for the future integration with hollow-core glass fibres filled with rubidium gas to allow the construction of ultra-high efficiency photon detectors and novel quantum logic gates.