For more information about the Centre for Statistics Seminar series, contact Dr Alan Huang or Dr Ian Wood.

Archived talks:

(16 Aug 2016): "Dimension Reduction for BIG-DATA using Slice Inverse Regression approaches" (Benoit Liquet, QUT)

(18 Oct 2016): "Card shuffling, and other random processes" (Jordan Morse, UQ)

(21 June 2016): "PLS in Big Data Analytics" (Yifan Jiang)

(14 June 2016): (joint with SMOR) "Leveraging Trajectory Data to Gain Insights into City Traffic Dynamics" (Jiwon Kim)

(7 June 2016): "Some (recent) models for dispersed counts" (Alan Huang)

(24 May 2016): (joint with SMOR) "No lonely toy!" (Andy McLennan)

(10 May 2016): (joint with SMOR) "Ordered field property in discounted stochastic games" (Jerzy Filar)

(8 Mar 2016): "Bayesian equivalence of the profile likelihood" (Alan Huang)

(2 Feb 2016): "The role of trimming and constrains in robust estimation for mixtures of Gaussian factor analyzers" (Francesca Greselin)

(20 Oct 2015): Morning tea/Brunch social

(6 Oct 2015): "Boltzmann machines and model selection" (Ian Wood)

(15 Sep 2015): "Monotonic generalized linear models" (Nanxi Zhang)

(1 Sep 2015): "Moment matching" (Yoni Nazarathy)

(18 Aug 2015): "Bayesian testing of the shape of a probability density function" (Ross McVinish)

(4 Aug 2015): "Nonparametric generalized linear models via univariate methods" (Alan Huang)