Presented by: 
Dr Masoud Kamgarpour (UQ)
Fri 29 Apr, 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Room 102, Frank White Building (43), St Lucia Campus

"In a letter to his sister, Princeton mathematician Andre Weil likened his research to a quest to decipher the "Rosetta Stone of Mathematics". He suggested that sentence written in the language of numbers could be translated into the language of geometry and vice-versa. This talk will be a tour through some of the basic concepts that appear in the Rosetta Stone of Mathematics and will provide a brief history of its triumph. At the end, I will also touch upon a recent joint project with Dan Sage (LSU) which is motivated by this mathematical dictionary."

No advanced mathematical knowledge is assumed.

This colloquium will be followed by afternoon tea. All are welcome to attend.