Presented by: 
Carl Sherwood (BEL)
Wed 18 Oct, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

ECON1310 is a large first year introductory statistics service course in the School of Economics. Over the last 4 years, the method of delivering lectures has gradually transformed.  Initially, two hour face-to-face lectures were presented to around 400 students twice a week.  However, in 2017, the course can now be delivered fully online with no face-to-face lectures.  By reflecting on experiences encountered during this transition, the objective of the presentation and workshop will be to highlight:


•       lessons learnt during this transition to a fully online course

•       practical strategies to enable you to transform your existing course to an online course

•       what works and pitfalls to avoid in making this transition

•       tips on students’ performances, satisfaction, and their learning experiences

•       the benefits and value on moving the course fully online from both the students’ and lecturer’s perspectives

•       issues around sustainability, value and utility in relation to quality, time and effort devoted in creating learning materials

•       the impact of tutorials and small group learning when there are no live lectures