Title Project Discription Level Supervisor
SRS-08/17 Fracture in two dimensional porous materials

Suitable for:  Third year students with good programming background and knowledge of partial differential equations.

Project:  There remain questions about how failure initiates in complex geometrical situations.  We will model the stress...

Summer Project Ms Janet Seddon
SRS-07/17 An undergraduate applications simulation tool

Suitable for:  Second or third year students with knowledge of mechanics, differential equations, and good programming skills.

Project:  Understanding the differential equations in many applied mathematics problems involves having a good...

Summer Project Ms Janet Seddon
Topology Optimisation

We are currently working in an exciting new area of mathematics called Topology optimisation. Our aim is to develop the tools to optimize the shape and topology of porous and composite materials to perform specific tasks. In particular we have a current ARC Discovery grant that will provide...

PhD Project Associate Professor Anthony Roberts