Title Project Discription Level Supervisor
SRS-08/17 Fracture in two dimensional porous materials

Suitable for:  Third year students with good programming background and knowledge of partial differential equations.

Project:  There remain questions about how failure initiates in complex geometrical situations.  We will model the stress...

Summer Project Ms Janet Seddon
Representations of jet Lie algebras

Representations of semisimple Lie algebras is one of the most beautiful parts of mathematics in the 20th century. It draws on...

Masters Project Dr Masoud Kamgarpour
Hitchin's fibration and its application in mathematics and physics

Defined by the eminant mathematical physics Nigel Hitchin, the Hitchin's...

PhD Project Dr Masoud Kamgarpour
Root systems and their applications in representation theory

Root systems are one of the most remarkable structures elucidated in 20th century mathematics. They have a simple definition in terms of linear algebra and combinatorics, but have...

Honours Project Dr Masoud Kamgarpour
Projects in computational topology

There are several research projects available in computational geometry and topology, ranging from summer research projects through to large-scale PhD projects.  Please visit the websites of Benjamin Burton and...

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Professor Benjamin Burton