The 20'th INFORMS Applied Probability Society Conference taking place at the Brisbane Convention Centre, Brisbane Australia, July 3-5, 2019. Commencing with the satellite workshop on July 2, organized by CARM dealing with concrete applications (Applied^2 Probability) taking place at The University of Queensland, Brisbane. Registration: $100 and $45 students

We are currently looking for session organisers for the practical Applied probability topics: The presentations must be based on real or synthetic data. Please contact CARM or Jerzy Filar with your expression of interest in organising a session. Work presented at the workshop can be considered for publication in the journal Stochastic Systems upon author request.   

Workshop Theme:  “Uncertainty Quantification Applications”.

Raison D’être:  One of the unsolved mysteries of mathematical sciences is that branches which have their roots in applications and natural phenomena, over time, become progressively more theoretical.  For instance, typically, there are very few numbers in papers nowadays published in Number Theory journals.  It is not surprising that Applied Probability is also susceptible to this theorization trend which, arguably, merely points to the maturity and success of the subject.     

However, in recognition of the above, there is an emerging need for a forum where researchers encountering applied probability problems in the context of specific applications can discuss their experiences and challenges.   A fascinating aspect of modelling random phenomena in applications is that different groups of end users may have very different attitudes towards uncertainty and risk.   For instance, medical practitioners, fishermen and fire fighters all deal with stochasticity on regular basis but have very different needs and expectations of the quantitative tools designed to assist them.    

Hence, we are hoping that the workshop will have special sessions on a variety of practical Applied Probability topics such as:

  • Stochastic Operations Research
  • Networks and Queues
  • Health and Epidemics Models
  • Ecology and Mathematical Biology
  • Sustainable Fisheries
  • Energy modelling and forecasting

Organizing Committee

For further details visit INFORMS-APS 2019.

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