Dr Mark Baker

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Mark Baker, from Brisbane, undertook his BSc at UQ, followed by his Honours year at UWA in Perth. He returned to Brisbane in 2001 where he completed a PhD at Griffith University, working on a beamline atom lithography system with metastable states of neon and argon. In 2006 Dr Baker started a postdoc at IESL-FORTH in Heraklion, Greece on the island of Crete. There he worked on a new Bose-Einstein condensation experiment to investigate time-averaged adiabatic potentials (TAAP) using RF dressed states in a magnetic trap (www.bec.gr). In 2010 he returned to Brisbane to work in the experimental BEC group at UQ.

Located in Building 6 - Room 401
Phone: 69837
BSc, BSc (Hons), PhD
Research Interests Bose Einstein Condensation, Atom interferometry, Superfluids, Non-equilibrium dynamics

Available Projects

Title Body Level
Neutral atom quantum processor by time-averaged optical dipole potential (Experiment/theory)

For quantum computing and simulation using neutral atoms trapped in a lattice one needs a physically scalable system that can facilitate single qubit initialization, gate and entanglement operations and state selective read-out.  The...

Honours Project
Bose-Einstein condensates in time-averaged optical toroidal potentials (experimental)

Since the first experimental realization of a Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC), many of its properties have been thoroughly investigated. Superfluidity is one of the properties of a...

Honours Project