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Dr Phil Isaac


Dr Phillip Isaac is a mathematician who is interested in studying the algebraic structures underlying integrable models in statistical mechancs and other applications in physics.

Phillip received his PhD in mathematics in May 2001 from UQ. The title of his thesis was "Quasi Hopf superalgebras and their dual structures".

He worked as a JAVA programmer/cryptographer for about 9 months before undertaking a postdoctoral research fellowship at the Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Tokyo, Japan. His project was entitled "Symmetries in quantum spin chains".

After his return to Australia in September 2003, he began casual employment at UQ, working as a first year tutor and compiling the initial version of the lecture workbook for MATH1051.

His current research activities involve finding solutions of the Yang-Baxter equation related to finite group algebras, associated integrable models and Bethe ansatz approach. He also maintains a healthy interest in the stucture and representation theory of Lie algebras, quantum groups, Quasi Hopf algebras, twisting (in the sense of Drinfeld) and other generalised algebraic structures.

Recently he has become interested in developing mathematical models of detonation theory, and more generally the study of travelling waves and their stability.

Located in Building 67 - Room 446
Phone: 53267
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Research Interests algebraic methods in mathematical physics, integrable models

Available Projects

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Representation theory of finite dimensional Hopf algebras:

This project will seek to generalise existing mathematical techniques in Representation Theory with applications to Quantum Information Science. In particular, we seek to develop analogues of the famous Wigner 3nj symbols or their recoupling counterparts for various classes of finite dimensional...

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