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Associate Professor Jon Links

Research Fellow, Director - Centre of Mathematical Physics, Mathematics Postgraduate Coursework Coordinator
Located in Building 69 - Room 701
Phone: 52400
BSc Hons(ANU), PhD(Qld)
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Available Projects

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Exact solutions of superconductivity models

Conventional superconductivity is described by the classic theory of Bardeen,  Cooper and Schrieffer (BCS), based on the notion of pairing between fermions. The traditional approach has been to study such models in the framework of mean-field theory. However in recent years it has emerged...

PhD Project
Quantum correlations in quantum field theory and integrable systems

Analytic computation of correlation functions is a very challenging problem in the theory of exactly soluble models in condensed matter physics and integrable quantum field theories. There is much interest in this field internationally leading to high-profile research activity at present. A key...

PhD Project
Masters Project