Project Level: Winter

Project Duration: 

4 weeks – 36 hours per week. Applicant will be required on-site for the project.


Our laboratory has developed a new approach to precision sensing of inertia, magnetic fields and acoustic waves. This combines miniature nanofabricated elements on a silicon chip with photonic measurements. It has enabled us to redefine the state of the are in sensitivity, working with partners including NASA, Orica and Australian Defence.

Our sensors have applications ranging from GPS denied navigation, to through earth communication, ultrasonic imaging and brain imaging. A key challenge for realising these real world applications is to build compact, low power systems around the sensors that allow them to be taken out of the lab and into common environments.

This project will develop these systems and take one of our sensors into the field, proving its use for through earth communications in partnership with our industry partner Orica.

Expected Outcomes:

You will learn about precision optical measurements, about the power of nanofabricated devices, and about sophisticated measurement and control systems. You will work with our industry partners, learning about how industry research works and building your network.

You will, as part of a team, make important steps towards practical applications of next gen technologies.

Suitable for:

The ideal applicant would have direct experience in research in a physics laboratory, would be keen to solve challenging technical problems.

Further information:

Please contact Professor Warwick Bowen for further information. 

Project members