Project Level: Winter

Project Duration:

4 weeks 36 hours per week. Can be done in person or online.


The aim of this project is to explore fundamental properties of hyperplane arrangements. These objects arise naturally in many parts of mathematics and exhibit very interesting combinatorial, topological and geometric properties. The goal is of this project is to explore properties of certain arrangements that have arisen in my recent paper with G. Nam and A. Puskas.

Expected Outcomes:

The applicant will gain experience of a very interesting and deep area of mathematics, preparing them for further progress in research. Prior
knowledge of arrangements is desirable though not necessary. The student is expected to write a comprehensive report of their findings.

Suitable for:

This is for students in year 2-4 of a maths major who have taken MATH3303 and are keen to advance further in algebra.

Further Information:

For more information contact Associate Professor Masoud Kamgarpour.


Project members

Associate Professor Masoud Kamgarpour

Associate Professor
School of Mathematics and Physics