Project level: PhD, Masters, Honours, Summer

This project is aimed at a theoretical and computational exploration of atoms and how they tick.  With recent atomic physics experiments being able to measure towards accuracies of 1 part in 1018, they require high-precision predictive and supporting calculations.  This project will require the development of software to solve the Schrödinger or relativistic Dirac equations by building up the few-body quantum physics, electron by electron.  From there a number of explorations are possible into the next generation of atomic clocks, the ultracold quantum chemistry of dimer, trimer and tetramer molecules and the non-linear optics of atomic gases.  The data will be compiled into an atomic and molecular database, Atom Foundry, with a web-based front-end, and an on-demand properties computational back-end for users to enable the research of others from all over the world.

Project members