Project Level: Winter

Project Duration: 

4 weeks – 30hrs per week.


Aims of the project are:

1- Familiarization with light shaping and fluorescence imaging,
2- Familiarization with Matlab code to display holograms on an
optical device,
3- Extend the Matlab code to make a flexible code for hologram
4- Test the code in a fluorescent sample.

Expected Outcomes: 

What the student will learn:

- Gain lab experience which includes align optics, communicate with
optical devices, prepare samples.
- Improve their coding skills.
- Gain knowledge in optics: light shaping and fluorescence.
What the students should produce:
- A flexible Matlab code for the generation of holograms.
- An oral presentation at the end of the project to summarize the
results and findings.

Suitable for:

The candidate will preferably have a background in optics and Matlab.

Further Information:

Please contact Dr Itia Favre-Bulle by email before applying to the project.


Project members

Dr Itia Favre-Bulle

ARC DECRA Research Fellow
Queensland Brain Institute