Project level: PhD

Organic materials are widely viewed as having enormous potential as next generation high tech materials in applications such as low cost solar cells light emitting diodes and displays chemi-sensors and electronic switching elements such as field effect transistors. The Centre for Organic Photonics and Electronics (COPE) is a new joint initiative between the Physics and Chemistry Disciplines which focuses upon the development and fundamental understanding of new organic materials with electronic and optoelectronic functionality. The Centre has state-of-the-art synthesis fabrication and testing facilities and takes a truly interdisciplinary and integrated approach in this rapidly growing area. A number of opportunities exist for PhD projects in physics and  or materials and chemical physics ranging from the fundamental condensed matter physics of conducting organic materials to applied device physics with focus on experiment or theory or a combination of both. Specific opportunities exist in the area of organic solar cells sensors and organic field effect transistors (new materials device fabrication and characterisation).

Scholarship top ups are available to suitably qualified candidates.

More information concerning COPE can be obtained from Assoc Prof Paul Meredith - Experiment and Device Physics ( Prof Ross McKenzie - Theory ( or Prof Paul Burn - Chemistry ( or the Cope website.  

Project members

Honorary Professor Paul Meredith

Honorary Professor
School of Mathematics and Physics