Project level: Masters, Honours

The propagation of ultrashort pulses of light in optical fibre has proved to be a very efficient method of 'squeezing' the quantum properties of light. Squeezing means the reduction of quantum fluctuations in one variable below the standard quantum limit and has application in precision measurement and entanglement generation.

Photonic crystal, or microstructured, fibres are made from ordinary silica, but have a pattern of holes built in. Such fibres can be tailor-made to radically alter the propagation modes of the light, producing, for example, much larger effective nonlinearities (all the better for squeezing).

In this project, you will study the quantum propagation of pulses in photonic crystal fibres (using quantum-noise simulation methods) in order to determine the optimum quantum squeezing. Your results will be of interest to researchers who are now implementing squeezing experiments with microstructured fibre.

Areas: quantum physics, computational physics, optics

Project members

Dr Joel Corney

Senior Lecturer