Project level: PhD, Masters, Honours

Supervisor: Dr Tyler Neely

Our lab has recently demonstrated the ability to control the density of an 87Rb BEC on a microscopic scale. This project seeks to expand this control to the wavefunction phase, with a spatial-light-modulator (SLM) and Raman laser scheme. By controlling both the phase and amplitude, we aim to gain control over the full BEC wavefunction. This will be applicable for the creation of custom superfluid states, such as those with many superfluid vortices leading to turbulence.

This experimental project will allow for the development of diverse and transferable skills, including electronic and optical design, experimental system design and implementation, software design, and data analysis. This project will also allow for attendance of related international workshops and conferences.  There will also be the opportunity to interact with other projects within EQuS, as well as the theoretical quantum atom optics group at the University of Queensland.

The remuneration for this position begins at $25,861 p.a. tax free, and indexed annually. A priority top-up scholarship of $5,000 is available for exceptional candidates.

Project members

Dr Tyler Neely

Research Fellow
ARC Future Fellowship
School of Mathematics and Physics