Project Level: Honours, Masters

Nonlinear effects in an optical material can be enhanced through a long interaction length (like an optical fibre) or by use of an optical cavity/resonator (whereby each photon is reflected back through the medium many times before emerging through the mirror).

Optical resonators formed from microspheres or microdisks support high-quality whispering gallery modes, in which the incoupled light circulates many times in a highly confined space. This project will investigate the use of whispering-gallery-modes for quantum squeezing, calculating the squeezing spectrum that different configurations can generate.

The project will involve a combination of analytic and computational work. Prior computational experience (in any language) would be an advantage. During the project you will have the opportunity to learn the basics of stochastic calculus and how to implement stochastic processes numerically.

[2] Strekalov, Dmitry V., Christoph Marquardt, Andrey B. Matsko, Harald G. L. Schwefel, and Gerd Leuchs. “Nonlinear and Quantum Optics with Whispering Gallery Resonators.” Journal of Optics 18 (2016): 123002.

Project members

Dr Joel Corney

Senior Lecturer