Project Level: Winter

Project Duration: 

4 weeks – 20-36 hours per week.


A Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) is a fluid-like phase of matter that emerges it extremely low temperatures. Stirring a BEC results in the formation of vortices. While quite a lot is known about vortex dynamics in single-component BECs, much less is known about vortex dynamics in
multi-component (spinor) BECs. This project will explore the unique properties of vortices in spinor BECs.

Expected Outcomes:

The student will gain insights into numerical and analytic methods to model the dynamics of multicomponent BECs. The student will have the
opportunity to attend and present at journal clubs and group seminars, gaining exposure to the wide variety of many-body quantum physics
occurring at UQ.

Suitable for:

This project is suitable for students with a strong physics background (3rd/4th year or very capable 1st/2nd year students). Familiarity with Matlab
or other numerical modelling software will be useful but not essential.

Further Information:

For more details feel free to email Dr Lewis Williamson and you can arrange a meeting.

Project members

Dr Lewis Williamson

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
School of Mathematics and Physics