Prof. Michael Drinkwater
Personal website: Click here
Research interests: My research interests include dwarf galaxies, globular clusters, and galaxy formation, as well as the nature of dark energy.


Prof. Tamara Davis
Personal website: Click here
Research interests: I use type Ia supernovae to measure the expansion history of the universe and test whether exotic cosmological models can explain the acceleration.


A/Prof. Holger Baumgardt
Personal website: Click here
Research interests: I use numerical simulations to study star cluster formation and evolution. I am also interested in the use of graphics cards (GPUs) for high-performance computing.


Prof. David Moriarty
Research interests: Photometry and astrophysical modelling of eclipsing binary stars



Dr. Janie Hoormann
Research interests: My research interests include using both numerical simulations and observational data to study the properties of black holes and the behaviour of gravity in these extreme environments.


Dr. Jacobo Asorey
Research interests: Test cosmological models by studying the expansion and growth histories of the universe through the statistical analysis of the large-scale structure, extracted from extragalactic cosmological surveys, either spectroscopic or photometric.



Ph.D. Students

Anthony Arnold
Research interests: Tree and direct N-body simulations, black holes, gravitational radiation



David Blyth
Research interests: Modeling the dynamics of galaxies with massive black holes



Zac Byrne
Research interests: I study extragalactic astrophysics, focussing on element abundances and their effect on the formation and life of galaxies. I'm also looking forward to starting a new project on galaxy simulations and black holes!


Joshua Calcino
Research interests: Supernova cosmology with the OzDES galaxy survey 



Simon Deeley
Research interests: I study galaxy evolution and its dependence on the surrounding environment, currently focusing on how spiral galaxies transform into lenticular galaxies. 


Samuel Hinton
Research interests: I tested cosmological models using large scale structure and supernova data. I also like creating detailed visualisations, intuitive scientific software, and automatic data pipelines so I can make my computer do as much of my work as possible!


Rebecca Jane Mayes
Research interests: I use cosmological simulations to study galaxy disruption in large galaxy clusters, with the goal of predicting the number of supermassive black holes that are located within ultra-compact dwarf galaxies.


Gary Segal
Research interests: Information-theoretic perspectives on the second law of thermodynamics.
The application of machine learning in big data radio astronomy, in particular, measures of 'interestingness' and unsupervised learning approaches for detecting the unexpected.



Current Honours/Master students

Lucas Grimes
Christopher Johnson
Colin MacLaurin

Andrew Penton


Former Members of the Group

David Parkinson, now at KASI, Daejeon, South Korea
Pouria Khalaj, PhD thesis 2017, now at IPAG, Grenoble
Edward Macaulay, now at University of Portsmouth
Joel Pfeffer, PhD thesis 2015, now at Liverpool John Moores University
Anthea King, PhD thesis 2015, now at University of Melbourne
Jason Dossett now at Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera, Italy
Sarah Sweet, PhD thesis 2014, now at ANU, Canberra
Smriti Mahajan now at IISERM, Manauli, India
Signe Riemer-Sorensen, now at University of Oslo, Norway
Brendan Griffen, PhD thesis 2012, now at MIT
Merryn Taylor (Honours Student 2017)
Henning Schmitz (Honours Student 2017)
Harry Hobson (Honours Student 2017)
Daniel Muthukrishna (Honours Student 2016)
Troy Cobb (Honours Student 2016)
Zac Byrne (Honours Student 2016)
Joshua Calcino (Honours Student 2016)
Natalia Eiré Sommer (Honours Student 2016)
Jacob Seiler (Honours Student 2015)
Sarah Thomson (Honours Student 2015)
Caitlin Adams (Honours Student 2014)
Mathew Bonanno (Honours Student 2014)
Adam Thomas (Honours Student 2014)
Conor O'Neill (Honours Student 2014)
Carolyn Wood (Honours Student 2014)
Sarah Hegarty (Honours Student 2013)
Ewan McAndrew (Honours Student 2013)
Kyle Muzycka (Honours Student 2013)
Mikkel Stockmann (Honours Student 2013)
Samuel Peet (Honours Student 2012)