Undergraduate Courses

To study astrophysics you should enrol in a Bachelor of Science and major in physics, mathematics, or computational science. Specific astrophysics courses offered by the university are:

PHYS2082 – Space Science and Stellar Astrophysics

PHYS3080 Extragalactic Astrophysics and Cosmology

After your three-year Bachelor degree you may choose to complete an honours year, during which you will have the chance to conduct original research as part of the active Astrophysics group at the university. An honours course particular to astrophysics is also offered:

MATH4105 – General Relativity


Postgraduate Research

The Astrophysics group is always interested in new postgraduate members at the Graduate Diploma, Masters, and Ph.D. levels. If you would like to join us as a research student please do the following.

  1.  Find a staff member who would like to supervise you. Please consult our list of Available Research Projects and then contact the nominated staff member for a project you like. You should send them the name of the project plus your academic transcript, your curriculum vitae ("CV" or "resumee"), and a list of any research papers you have written or presented. [Overseas applicants: if you are not an Australian citizen, please indicate if you have financial support from your home country. We cannot provide funding from our group and UQ only has a very small number of international Ph.D. scholarships available.]
  2.  Submit a formal application. After you have found a potential supervisor, please contact our postgraduate administrative officer, Murray Kane, at (07) 334 67264 or m.kane@smp.uq.edu.au for instructions about your application. You can find general information and links on the School page for Postgraduate Studies (it is found under "Future Students"). 
  3.  In addition, please feel free to contact any of the group’s Ph.D. students for an ‘insiders’ view’ of what it’s like to study astrophysics at UQ; they are more than willing to help with your decisions!


Vacation ("Summer") scholarships at UQ

The University of Queensland offers vacation scholarships to promising undergraduate students, usually after their second or third year of undergraduate study. It’s a great opportunity to 'cut your teeth' on a real research project and obtain valuable experience for future jobs. The program runs in our long vacation, December to February (Southern summer). We can take students in the June-August (Northern summer) period but only if you are self-funded.

Here is how you apply (the deadline for funding is usually in August):

  1. Look at our list of available astrophysics projects at    http://www.smp.uq.edu.au/content/astrophysics-available-projects
  2. Pick one or more projects (we can be flexible so feel free to ask about any project on the list, not just "summer project" offerings) then contact the nominated supervisor(s) to ask if you could apply to do their project. You must specify the dates you wish to visit and if you have your own funding (for international placements in June-August); contact details are at   http://www.smp.uq.edu.au/content/uq-astrophysics-people 
  3. Put in a formal application to the UQ Science Faculty; details are at   http://www.science.uq.edu.au/uq-summer-research-scholarship-program  (and let the supervisor know as well)

Career options

Go to our careers page where Tamara tells you all about working in astro!


Image credit: NASA, ESA, Q.D. Wang (University of Massachusetts, Amherst), and S. Stolovy (Caltech)