Our honours degree programs provide exciting and challenging opportunities to pursue independent study in more depth than is possible with a pass degree.

Honours enables you to develop and consolidate the knowledge and skills that you acquired during your undergraduate study, with particular emphasis on using those skills in a sustained and purposeful way by conducting independent research.

You'll also have the chance to contribute to published literature in your chosen field.

The knowledge and research and technical skills that you acquire during honours will prepare you for a career in a research environment in industry or government, and for pursuing a higher degree by research qualification (Honours Class I or IIA required for progression to PhD).

Employers value highly the reliability and capacity for independent work, and the substantial report writing skills that are demonstrated by graduating honours students.


Honours as a further year of study

A major in Mathematics, Physics or Statistics can lead to entry to a further year of study on these programs:

Honours as part of the Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours)

You can study Mathematics or Physics as part of the final year of the four-year Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours).

This elite program for high-achieving students aims to provide the foundation for a research career with continuous interaction with researchers from your first year of study.

Find specific information about minors and majors for this program on the Science Study Planner: Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) website.

Majors and dual degrees

To learn more about majors and dual degrees, visit our Science Study Planner website and select the program you're interested in.

How to apply

1. Find your project and supervisor

To identify a suitable project and find a supervisor who shares your passion and interests, visit our research pages. Our experts are listed within each research area.

Alternatively, visit our available research projects page.

Discuss your project idea with an academic staff member from your discipline before you apply.


2. Supply your details

BSc (Hons), BMath (Hons) and BA (Hons) students

I.    If you're ready to apply for our BSc (Hons), BMath (Hons) or BA (Hons), download our fourth-year honours research project topic selection form for  Semester 1, 2020 Commencement (PDF, 738kB) or Semester 2, 2020 Commencement (PDF, 534kB).  Upload your completed form with your online application, or email this form to :  smp.student@uq.edu.au

II.    Complete the UQ online application, found here: https://apply.uq.edu.au.  


BAdvSc (Hons) students

If you're approaching your fourth year as a BAdvSc (Hons) student, email our Student Administration Office with the following information:

  • name and student number
  • proposed supervisor's name
  • proposed project title and project course code
  • field of study in the BAdvSc (Hons).

Physics students need to also include the semester you will undertake PHYS6500. You must have discussed both the project and review article topic with a supervisor and have their verbal agreement to proceed.

Download our Honours Handbook

For detailed application information, download our Handbook for Honours Students (PDF, 1.4 MB).

Contact us

Email our Student Administration team for more information about our degrees.

Support for current students

If you're already studying with us and need personal or academic help, including information about course planning, visit our support pages for current students.