We present regular seminars and colloquia across a broad range of topics within mathematics, statistics and physics.

Students, academics and visitors to UQ are welcome to attend.

Maths colloquia

Our maths colloquia are directed at students and academics working in the fields of pure and applied mathematics, and statistics.

See our maths colloquia

Physics colloquia

Past topics have addressed dark matter emission, the observation of gravitational waves, and quantum mechanics and gravity.

See our physics colloquia

Applied maths seminars

We present regular seminars on a range of applied mathematics interests.

See our applied maths seminars

Pure maths seminars

We present regular seminars on a range of pure mathematics interests.

See our pure maths seminars

Mathematical biology seminars

See our mathematical biology seminars

Physics seminars

We present regular seminars on a broad range of physics research within SMP, along with frequent presentations from visiting researchers.

See our physics seminars

ANZ cold atom seminars

Monthly seminars for the Australian-New Zealand cold atom research community.

See our ANZ cold atom seminars

Industry seminar series

Forum for speakers from industry to present challenges and opportunities in the industry, and their insights. 

To recieve news on the seminar series, subscribe to the mailing list by joining with a UQ email address here, or by sending an empty message to maths-industry-seminar-join@lists.science.uq.edu.au.

See our industry seminar series

Statistics, modelling and operations research seminars

Events are jointly run by our Operations research and Statistics and probability research groups.

See our statistics, modelling and operations research seminars

Teaching and learning seminars

Our fortnightly events focus on innovations and projects that are underway in mathematics, physics and statistics teaching.

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