Academic advisers are available to help you as you progress through your degree program. 

If you're seeking advice on course selection, we strongly recommend that that you send your academic adviser a copy of your studies report and your enrolment plan for the remainder of your program.

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  • All undergraduates (Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Mathematics and Bachelor of Advance Science): Dr Michael Bulmer; Professor Darryn Bryant
  • Mathematics Major Convenor (Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts): Dr Dietmar Oelz
  • Statistics Major Convenor (Bachelor of Science): Dr Ian Wood
  • Bachelor of Science (Hons) and Bachelor of Arts (Hons): Dr Alan Huang
  • Postgraduate research (PhD, MPhil): Dr Phil Isaac
  • Postgraduate coursework (Science - Mathematics and Statistics, Financial Mathematics): Dr Xin Guo
  • Data Science adviser (undergraduate & postgraduate): Dr Slava Vaisman