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Visit my.UQ's HDR information and services pages to access advice, resources and links to:

  • candidature management system and portal guides
  • progress review completion guides
  • thesis preparation, submission and examination advice and guidelines
  • scholarships and fees information
  • student support advice
  • careers advice and resources.

Alternatively, visit UQ's Graduate School website for comprehensive career development support.

Talk to your academic advisor

Contact your academic advisor for advice about course selection as you progress through your degree.

Check your HDR program milestones

Find School administrative advice about your HDR program progress reviews.

HDR Computer Support

The School of Mathematics and Physics will purchase, and maintain in warranty, EITHER a desktop computer or a laptop for all HDR students enrolled in the School.

Before commencing HDR students should discuss their computing requirements with their Principal Advisor as soon as possible (preferably before arrival). All HDR students are entitled to the standard allocation provided by the School, which is a performance desktop PC and two monitors or a laptop, up to a maximum allocation of $2.5K. Students who have a demonstrated requirement for a computer with higher specifications, exceeding $2.5K will need to discuss these requirements with their Principal Advisor. In the first instance, Advisor grant funds should be used to cover any additional costs, provided grant conditions allow such expenditure. If the Advisor doesn’t have funds, then as a last resort, Advisors should seek special approval from the Head of School for an exception. All procurements must be made through UQ processes. 

If a student does not elect to make a purchase within the first quarter after their commencement, they forfeit the allocation.

Additional IT accessories (such as styluses, webcams, laptop docks, and cases), or specialised computer equipment (such as tablets, or high spec computers or monitors), must be covered within this allocation or funded from other sources, such as supervisor funds or prize funds.

Apply for travel

To apply for travel you need to complete the Student Traveller Declaration form (PDF, 188.4 KB) and submit this via the travel approval and/or funding to attend a conference online application. The Student Traveller Declaration form (PDF, 188.4 KB) only needs to be approved by your Principal Advisor before you attach it to the online application. Approval from the Head of School/Director of HDR,  will be provided to you after your online application has been reviewed

Once you have completed the online application above and received confirmation that your travel has been approved:

  • Students applying for SMP Funded Travel (from their $3,500 allocation), will be asked to complete the Student Funds Acceptance (DOCX, 20.3 KB) form.
  • Students whose Principal Advisors have agreed to use their grant funds to support your travel, can either:
    • Book your travel and submit a claim for reimbursement by providing copies of all receipts to SMP Finance Transactions (please include a copy of your travel approval notification), or
    • If your Advisor has a UQ Corporate Credit Card, you can make arrangements with them to make the payment on your behalf, but your travel must not be booked through FCM, or
    • Contact SMP Finance Transactions (including a copy of your travel approval notification) and they will make the payment for you, but your travel must not be booked through FCM.

More details from the Graduate School regarding travel are available here.  All questions should be sent to

More details are available at UQ's  Career and employability web pages.

UQ's travel resources page may also be useful.

HDR students who intend to be away from campus for at least a whole research quarter (most commonly in cases of field work) should also ensure they register as remote for their period of travel by submitting a request for approval in advance to the Dean, Graduate School (via my.UQ) 

Contact us

Email the student support team for more information, call (07) 3446 0503, or book an appointment online (students only).