Physics is a fundamental science dedicated to solving big questions such as "Where did we come from?" that have puzzled people for centuries. At a practical level, physics embraces the study of basic natural laws and explains how and why things work on scales ranging from the cosmos to the tiniest sub-atomic level.

Research areas

We focus on a wide range of specialist areas within physics, and our research has impact on many aspects of modern life.

Our community

We offer a broad range of study and research opportunities for undergraduates and postgraduates who, as they progress through their studies, collaborate widely with our network of partners. We have one of the strongest groups of researchers in physics in Australia, and have strong ties with institutions nationally and internationally, both in industry and academia. We also run a series of events and workshops on and off campus that showcase our physics research.

Contact us

To find out more about physics at UQ, see our full list of academic staff, or visit our contact page.