The Condensed Matter Physics (CMP) program at UQ is "big question" focused.

We operate at the boundary between physics, chemistry and biology, and address key questions in specific systems such as organic superconductors and biological macromolecules.

We also work on more general problems such as those associated with conducting organics, quantum phase transitions in random systems and single molecule electron transport.

Theory and experiment combined

Our approach is based on combining theory with experiment across a range of disciplines, such as:

  • quantum many-body theory
  • quantum chemistry
  • synthetic organic chemistry
  • molecular biophysics
  • spectroscopy
  • experimental solid state physics.

This field encompasses both hard and soft matter systems. A particularly exciting, and relatively new development, has been the use of quantum many-body techniques and other condensed matter approaches to address key questions in biology. Examples include charge transport in single DNA molecules, and coherence in photosynthetic arrays.

Expansive and innovative

We formed in 2000 and have grown to be the most expansive and innovative CMP group in Australia.

Our vision is to project our success onto the world stage, and to be regarded as a leading international player in modern condensed matter physics.

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