Mathematics is one of the most enduring fields of study, and is essential in a growing number of disciplines and professions.

Many mathematicians continue to expand our knowledge of the field by developing new results. They also combine their knowledge of mathematics and statistics with modelling and computational skills, and use the latest computer technology to solve problems in the physical and biological sciences, engineering, information technology, economics and business.

Research areas

We focus on a wide range of specialist areas within mathematics and statistics, and our research has impact on many aspects of modern life.

Our community

Our broad range of study and research opportunities for undergraduates and postgraduates enables our students, staff and partners to collaborate both nationally and internationally. We exchange knowledge and ideas with partners in universities, hospitals, research laboratories, and government and industry bodies. We also run a series of mathematics and statistics talks, including enrichment talks for students, an academic seminar program, and public lectures from internationally renowned specialists in the field.

Contact us

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