Teaching and learning

Dr Nieminen teaches 2nd and 3rd year physics, particularly in special relativity, fields and quantum physics. He is also the tutor coordinator for Physics. 

Researcher biography

Dr Timo Nieminen received his PhD from The University of Queensland in 1996.

Dr Nieminen's research interests are in the fields of:

  • Light Scattering
  • Optical Trapping and Micromanipulation
  • Computational Electromagnetics
  • Photonics
  • Biological and Industrial Applications of Light Scattering and the Interaction of Light and Matter

His chief research projects are in the areas of:

  • Full-Wave Electromagnetic Modelling of the Production of Optical Forces and Torques in Laser Trapping
  • Optical Measurement of Microscopic Forces and Torques
  • Extremely Asymmetrical Scattering in Bragg Gratings
  • Micro-Opto-Mechanical Systems (MOMS)