Dr Alan Huang

Statistics Major Convenor
Located in Building 67 - Room 748
Phone: 52315
Research Interests Count processes, Regression, Empirical Likelihood, Empirical Processes

Available Projects

Title Body Level
Models for counts

Count data often exhibit deviations from a nominal Poisson distribution. This project will look at ways to handle such deviations, both parametrically and non-parametrically.

PhD Project
Masters Project
Honours Project
Card shuffling and other random processes

Why are seven shuffles enough to randomise a deck of cards (Bayer & Diaconis, 1992)? Can we extend this result to other types of shuffles? What other random processes can we...

Honours Project
Theory and computation of nonparametric generalized linear models

Generalized linear models have quickly become indispensable tools for the...

Masters Project
Honours Project