Presented by: 
Patty Solomon (Adelaide)
Mon 4 Mar, 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Mansergh Shaw 45-204

Critical care is expensive and costs are increasing as Australia's population ages with an increased prevalence of chronic diseases. It is important that health-care providers, insurers and patients have available accurate measures of hospital performance to provide a basis for planning, for accountability and to inform public debate. However, provider comparisons via league tables have proven to be methodologically challenging as well as politically controversial, as witness the recent inquiry into Queensland's Bundaberg Base Hospital. Typically, statistical analyses purporting to measure hospital performance suffer from one or more serious deficiencies, ranging from inadequate risk adjustment to no adjustment for multiple comparisons. In this talk, I will discuss the statistical issues involved in modelling hospital outcomes data and describe our current work on using hierarchical generalised linear mixed models to analyse the Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society Adult Patient Database, one of the largest binational databases in the world.

This is joint work with Associate Professor John Moran of The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Adelaide, and Dr Jessica Kasza of the School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Adelaide.