Future Fellowships for SMP researchers

7 Jun 2017

Entrance of Physics AnnexeThe School of Mathematics and Physics has attracted two Australian Research Council Future Fellowships in the latest round.

Physicists Dr Jacinda Ginges and Dr Nathan Langford are among 14 Future Fellowships totalling $12,124,327 for UQ, announced by Federal Minister for Education and Training Simon Birmingham in Canberra.

Head of School Professor Joe Grotowski congratulated Dr Ginges, a research fellow at the University of Sydney and UNSW graduate; and Dr Langford, a postdoctoral researcher at the Technical University of Delft, and a UQ BSc (Hons) and PhD graduate in physics.

Dr Ginges has been awarded $800,077 for a project that aims to further the understanding of the structure of heavy atoms through development and application of state-of-the-art many-electron methods.

The expected outcome of this project will be to increase capability in fundamental physics tests and in the development of precision atomic instruments.

Dr Langford will receive $768,000 to explore the effects of strong interactions on phases of light and matter in complex quantum systems, by mimicking them with surrogates called quantum simulators.

Expected outcomes include better understanding of complex materials and a certifiable scaling-up pathway towards simulation complexity, future hi-tech manufacturing, and enhanced quantum engineering research capacity.