A philanthropic gift to encourage females in maths

28 Aug 2016
Photo: Huy Nguyen (one of Kathryn’s maths teachers), Kathryn, Joe Grotowski Head of the School of Maths and Physics & Maths tutor coordinator, Melanie Robertson-Dean.

The School of Mathematics and Physics recently received a generous donation to encourage females studying maths from Wendy Robson, an alumna who wanted to honour her mother’s love of maths. Student Kathryn Stephan, was the recipient of the encouragement award and expressed her appreciation of the prize at a recent presentation ceremony:

"It was such a nice surprise to hear that I had received this financial prize encouraging females in maths. It is such an honour and I thank Wendy sincerely. I am a second year education student at the University of Queensland, majoring in mathematics and drama. I had always known that I had wanted to be a teacher, ever since I canremember. I love drama and it has always been a passion of mine. However, I was never very good at maths in primary school. It wasn’t until high school that I developed a passion for mathematics, through the help of many fabulous teachers. I find that while I enjoy maths, it is still a challenge, and this inspires me to always do the best that I can. I have also been lucky enough to attend Grace College, the same that my mother attended when she was a student at UQ. My parents has always been supportive of my decision to study education and attend the University of Queensland. I do not think that I would be where I am today without their support and encouragement. I hope that my career in education will allow me to inspire students to pursue whatever career that they desire. Maths can have a bad reputation at schools for being “boring” or “uncool” but I think that a little inspiration is all some children will need to succeed in amaths classroom, and I hope to be the teacher that inspires. This generous prize has definitely encouraged me to work even harder."

If you are interested in supporting females in maths like Wendy through a prize or scholarship please contact Julia Keith  or donate directly online.