2022 Queensland Mathematics Summer School (QMSS)

24 May 2022

From Saturday, 9 to Monday, 11 April 2022, the School of Mathematics and Physics (SMP) hosted the 5th Queensland Mathematics Summer School (QMSS) at UQ’s St Lucia campus. The three-day maths camp attracted 89 Year 11 students from all over the state to explore fun and challenging mathematical problems, ideas, and topics through discussions and workshops. These were delivered by a team of SMP academics and tutors.

The students greatly appreciated the experience, and feedback from the participants was extremely positive:

“Surrounding us with like-minded people and doing something I love, increasing my love for it and learning new stuff, loved the entire experience! ...”

“Being encouraged by super enthusiastic tutors. Seeing how broad a mathematics career is and exploring just a few possible fields. Working together with other students to solve maths problems.”

“I enjoyed challenging the knowledge I already had and working with maths that typically wouldn’t be seen in school!”

Special thanks to Mathematics academics, Samuel Barton, Michael Bulmer, Timothy Buttsworth, Ava Greenwood, Joseph Grotowski, Matthew Holden, and Veronika Kuchta, as well as the enthusiastic team of tutors, Emma Comino, Marcus Flook, Alex He, Bridget Matthews, Jacquie Omnet, Elaine Schenk, Liam Smith, Christina Tang-Fujiwara, Adam Thompson and Jesse Woods, for giving up their time on a weekend to deliver the fascinating workshops in this program. The 2022 QMSS also would not have been possible without the administrative support offered by Jacqueline Mergard and her team at the Faculty of Science Engagement Unit.

This year marks the 5th iteration of QMSS. The growth in interest of students to participate in the program is extremely encouraging, and demonstrates its value and appeal. Despite the postponement of the program due to COVID situations in Queensland, attendance numbers of QMSS in 2022 increased by 54% on 2021. The QMSS organisers are excited to have the opportunity to inspire more and more Queensland students to sharpen their interest in studying mathematics. If you want to enquire about the 2023 QMSS program, please get in touch with the event organisers at qmss@uq.edu.au.

Wenbo Li
School of Mathematics and Physics