SMP Research Student Poster and Publication Awards 2022

19 Sep 2022

The School’s annual Poster Day was held on Friday, 16 September 2022. The event was held in the UQ Centre with 20 posters on display (PDF, 2.4 MB) and 60 staff and students attending the event. In total we had 16 Physics posters and 4 Maths posters. The School also held its annual Student Publication Award, which received excellent submissions this year, with separate presentations made for Mathematics and Physics. All participating students deserve congratulations for presenting their work in this year’s Poster Day.

Thanks are also to Yuxin Yang (HDR Liaison Officer for Science), Pelin Durali (HDR Liaison Officer for SMP), and SMP staff Murray Kane, and Vanessa Di Giglio for organising the day.

Poster Day Winners

  • First Time Presenter Physics – Miriam Ohlrich, "Intrinsic, robust, and isolated flat bands present at half-filling in the minimal model of the superconducting metal-organic framework, Cu-BHT", Advisors Professor Benjamin Powell, Dr. Henry Leonard Nourse.
  • First Time Presenter Mathematics – Madeline Nurcombe, "The Ghost Algebra", Advisors Professor Jorgen Rasmussen, Associate Professor Jon Links.
  • Returning Presenter (Maths/Physics) – Ashlee Caddell, "Dark matter detection via atomic interactions", Advisors Dr. Benjamin Roberts, Dr. Patrick Scott, Dr. Jacinda Ginges.


SMP Poster Day Winners
SMP Poster Day Winners
Left to Right: Miriam Ohlrich, Madeline Nurcombe, Ashlee Caddell


Student Publication Award Winners

Student Publication Award Honourable Mentions