Our international Masters student, Jessica Savage, returned to France this month to complete her thesis.

We would like to extend a warm welcome to Dr Dionysios Raitsos from the UK. Dr Raitsos will be here from 5th May – 17th May, visiting Associate Professor Anthony Richardson, to collaborate on the impacts of climate change on invasive projects.


Our CARM Report (PDF, 1.42MB) is available for download. If you would like one please let us know. This report is a summary of 5 years of CARM activities and achievements.

R workshops

June R workshops - Introduction to R with Anthony Richardson & Dave Schoeman

Date: Monday 29th June – Wednesday 1st July, 2015

Room: 47A - 241, Sir James Foot Building

Cost: $250.00 per day


Rohner CA, Richardson AJPrebble CE, Marshall AD, Bennett MB, Weeks SJ, Cliff G, Winter SP, Pierce SJ. (2015). Laser photogrammetry improves size and demographic estimates for whale sharks. PeerJ (in press)

McGrory, C.A., Pettitt, A.N., Titterington, D.M., Alston, C.L., & Kelly, M. (2015). Transdimensional Sequential Monte Carlo using Variational Bayes – SMCVB.Computational Statistics and Data Analysis. (in press)


In April Prof. You-Gan Wang visited Dr GuoChang Wang, Jinan University, School of Economics, for collaboration on applied statistics (longitudinal data analysis).

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