About Eu-Gene:
Eu-Gene is the General Manager - Pricing at Auto & General. He leads a team of Actuaries and Data Scientists whose main job is to set insurance premiums for our products.

About Auto & General:
Auto & General is an International Insurance Business with Operations in 8 countries, serving some 9.2m customers from 41 offices with almost 10,000 employees. Auto & General's Australian Head Office is in Toowong, occupying more than half of Toowong Tower. Auto & General's main brand in Australia is Budget Direct.

About Industry seminar series

The industry seminar series aims to better connect industry and academia by providing a forum for speakers from industry to present challenges and opportunities  in industry, and their insights


#06 (Physics Annexe)
407 (and via zoom https://uqz.zoom.us/j/89188104397)