About Decision-making under uncertainty: A Multi-disciplinary Perspective

How do we make good decisions in the presence of uncertainty? This question arises in numerous contexts, including natural resources management, games, and robot planning & control. The past few decades have seen significant advances in decision-making under uncertainty. These range from new domain-independent methods in areas such as artificial intelligence, statistics, operations research, robot planning, and control theory, to novel domain-specific methods in fields such as ecology, fisheries, economics, and mathematical finance. Unfortunately, progress in one domain may often be easily overlooked by researchers from another community.

 This workshop aims to provide a multidisciplinary forum for researchers from disparate fields to discuss recent advances in decision making, identify research challenges, and explore potential collaborations.

 We invite contributed talks on topics including but not limited to the following:

  • Decision models (e.g., Markov Decision Processes (MDPs), POMDPs)
  • Decision theory (e.g., expected utility theory, bounded rationality)
  • Planning under uncertainty
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Stochastic control (e.g., LQG, robust control)
  • Operations research
  • Applications (e.g., natural resource management, robot autonomy, pandemic management, natural disaster response, portfolio management)

 We also invite submissions of original research articles to a special issue of the Annals of Operations Research, which is on the same topic as the workshop. Submission deadling 17 June 2022.

 See the workshop website https://dmuu2022.github.io/ for details.


Via zoom and at St Leo's College (UQ)