Speaker: Daniel Dahl
Affiliation: University of Queensland (EAIT)


A multi-plane light-converter (MPLC) is a relatively new device, which has the primary function of reshaping an optical field. For example, a Gaussian spot from a laser could be passed into the device and shaped into any Laguerre Gaussian spatial mode. An MPLC has been used in the fields of: telecommunications as a spatial mode sorter, quantum communications as a high dimensional quantum gate and most recently, as part of an optical time reverser. These examples show the potential of the MPLC as being a general-purpose optical device however, due to its relative newness, the full capabilities of the device are yet to be tested and fully determined. The major focus of my research has been to develop two new uses for the MPLC, specifically as a high dimensional quantum gate generator and as a device that can perform single shot amplitude, phase, and coherence measurements on arbitrary beams- which is known as a high dimensional stokes space spatial beam analyser (video explaining the device https://youtu.be/D4b107RS24U)

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