Speaker: Dr Clare Giacomantonio
Affiliation: EY Oceania Power and Utilities, Strategy and Transactions Partner


Net zero is an ambitious imperative. Rapidly decarbonising our electricity sector is critical to achieving this goal. In the short-term, the electricity sector is the easiest sector in which to reduce emissions and in the longer-term, decarbonising our whole economy requires other energy loads (transport, heating, domestic and industrial gas) to be electrified.

I will give a brief overview of electricity supply in Australia, which has historically been largely supplied by coal and gas, but is rapidly transforming to solar, wind and storage. I will outline some of the current, emerging and anticipated future challenges with the energy transformation in Australia - technical, economic and political. This talk will be broadly accessible to undergraduates, postgraduates and staff.

I will also discuss how my training in physics gave me a solid foundation to help solve these challenges and forge a rewarding career in the energy industry as an electricity market modeller and analyst.

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