Speaker: Huy Chau
Affiliation: The University of Manchester


In this talk, we present a new approach to study market viability under proportional transaction costs. We assume a Local No Free Lunch with Vanishing Risk condition, instead of the global one as in most of previous studies, and prove that it is equivalent to the existence of new consistent price systems. Superhedging duality and the existence of superhedging strategies are obtained even when wealth processes are negative. The new approach is compatible with the uncertainty modelling framework developed in [1] and hence, we provide a unify treatment for the two different settings. This is joint with Claudio Fontana (Padova University), and Masaaki Fukasawa (Osaka Univeristy)

[1] Chau, H. N., Fukasawa, M., Rásonyi, M. (2022). Superreplication with transaction costs under model uncertainty for continuous processes. Mathematical Finance32(4), 1066-1085.

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